ANTEPRIMA 2024春夏系列

“Game On”

Beneath the azure twilight’s embrace,
Our fashion story begins, a captivating grace.

Textured sheens, the essence of their souls,
Elegance and comfort, where destiny unrolls.
Fluid lines and shapes, where power takes its toll,
Undone elegance, in women’s tales, it strolls.

Queens arise,
In regal armor, their strength defies,
Bold graphics and motifs, where courage lies,
Empowerment and grace, in their resolute eyes.

Reinventing nostalgia, in a world held dear,
Embroidery of memories, stories sincere,
Imagination soars, breaking barriers near,
In quiet luxury, empowerment’s cheer.

Colors grace the pallet, where dreams take flight,
In the realm of fashion, art, and women’s might.

Life’s is a game, where we firmly stand,
Breaking rules, shaping futures, a united band.